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Recent News » The Online Marketing Phenomenon Published 02/21/2007 was designed as a website promotional space for authors to display their articles and blogs. They can create a blog for each article topic and have their own area online where all their articles will be automatically syndicated for them.

They can suggest article and blog categories to the administrator and if approved, monitor and edit their own blog online. Our sign up process couldn't be any simpler and you can accept not only text replies but also photo images and even videos!

It’s the video capability which is most exciting about Anyone can register as an author and begin posting information about their home in our real estate section or
even a video resume of themselves along with their cv. Both video and written resume/cv can be displayed in our employment category and are promoted through syndication.

The administrators are experts in driving traffic to websites via online marketing and promotion so they will excel at bringing visitors to your listing posts, whatever they are, over the Net!

We use a WYSIWYG editor in the member account area with numerous features to place your finished product online simply and it's professionally formatted automatically. is unique from other directories because of our flexibility when it comes to the types of content we accept and services we provide. As an outlet for online marketing and promotion you are only limited in what you post online by our editors lenient guidelines and your own creativity.

Our Blog area is as creative and simple an outlet as they come on the Internet and you are encouraged to speak your mind about relevant and timely topics.

Our News service can be used to post press releases for your small business at no cost or perhaps give you an outlet for news worthy items or current events that wouldn't ordinarily see the light of day on other news services. You can bet they will pick up your news through our syndication feeds.

Anyway you look at it is the beginning of a new wave News Service, Blogging and Article Submission and Syndication phenomenon that will include video and imagery for the masses online. We guarantee you people will see your submissions and what the heck…IT'S FREE!

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» MLS Without The Politics Or Price Tag Published 01/18/2007

North American Realtors Alliance

There seems to be a revolution rising in the real estate industry. Realtors are already divided by the fact they are competing against each other in a tough industry, now the MLS seems to be imploding due to a multitude of differing views on its exchange of information with the public. Richard Embro-Pantalony, the President and CEO of has observed the real estate industry for nearly 25 years and says “Many local real estate boards can’t even decide on effective ways to exchange listing data between agents. Multiple Listing Services all over the country are splintering and smaller independent realtor networks are forming and competing.” is an entirely free North American alliance of realtors who have free access to marketing tools and IDX capabilities as well as incredible exposure to online buyers across North America. Their search database is both localized and national. There are premium services available such as audio/video listing tours and listing lead generation.

“This is a service long past overdue, there really isn’t a free service for realtors available with the tools and utilities to promote their listings to each other and to the public. There also seems to be many separate agendas at the local and State/Provincial association levels that are fracturing many traditional realtors multiple listing services. Buyer agents and listing agents are at odds over the timing of public release of new listings. Somewhere along the line the mission statement of the MLS was forgotten, that this is a service for the buyers and sellers of real estate.”

Membership to and its services are available at no charge to all realtors in the United States and Canada. It will be especially useful to relocation specialists. There are daily news feeds for agents and forums to discuss information and to set up your own network of realtor contacts.

The complimentary services include personal multi page websites, detailed listings and marketing tools, multi photo uploads, listing archives to name only a few. All services are automated and simple to use. “We wanted to make sure that the services we offered free of charge would be far better than what agents are currently paying for” said Embro-Pantalony. will also host sponsored local level Home Service advertisers in text ads and video formatsfor a more complete website visitor experience.

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» Investing in A Pre Foreclosure Property
By Richard Embro-Pantalony | Published 01/24/2010 | REAL ESTATE | Unrated

Pre foreclosure is the last stage before a property is foreclosed.  When the home owner gets behind on their payments, the lender files a public default notice to initiate the foreclosure process.  The bank or lender is about to repossess the property unless the owner can make the payments that are due on the property.  The owner is still in complete control of the home, and they usually have two or three months to settle the default amount of debt.  If they are able to make the required payment, then the property will go back to its regular status.

» Herbal Remedies For Influenza Prevention
By Brian Nylen | Published 01/24/2010 | YOUR HEALTH | Unrated

H1N1 and seasonal influenza are lurking around this year so your risk is higher to contract some variation of the flu this season. Protect yourself and your family with the following herbl remedies to boost your immune system and safeguard against illness.

» Choosing The Right hardwood Flooring
By Richard Embro-Pantalony | Published 10/1/2008 | Antique Furniture | Unrated

Distressed hardwood floors are gaining in popularity and are quickly becoming one of the most common types of hardwood flooring available in the home renovation market. This type is scraped, which adds texture and gives each piece of flooring a unique appearance.

This flooring is not intended to be installed and look like a brand new floor; it is meant to look like a well-worn floor. Some companies provide the option of using an old floor to make the new distressed flooring, adding to the overall vintage appearance of the rustic wood floors.

There are two main types of distressed hardwood floors, ones that have been hand-scraped and ones that have been machine-scraped. Hand-scraped floors will be truly unique, and will not contain an identifiable pattern. Machine-scraped floors are more affordable, but you can often discern a repeating pattern across the surface of the floor.

If you choose a hand-distressed floor, you might have a choice in how it was scraped. You can have a lightly scraped floor, or a more heavily scraped floor, depending on the look you want to achieve. Those seeking the look of aged would choose a

lightly scraped floor, while those seeking the appearance of a more rustic hardwood floor would choose a more heavily scraped surface. In addition, different distressing methods can be used to achieve different looks. Often distressed flooring is sanded, scrapped, gouged, ground and even notched with tools.

They can be purchased in several different ways. You can purchase the flooring, have it installed, and then have the floor distressed by a professional on-site. This can become more costly than other options, because you not only have to purchase the materials, but also pay for a professional to come and distress your floors.

Wood flooring can also be purchased that has already been distressed. Often you can still choose between flooring that was machine distressed or hand distressed. One last option is whether you want the flooring to come pre-finished, or you want to lay the floor and add the finish yourself. If you choose to purchase pre-finished wood, another option is to have it hand finished, which can provide a distinctive look, but can become costly.

Although the process of creating a distressed floor can be lengthy and costly, depending on how you choose to go about it, the overall appearance created is well worth the investment. Distressed hardwood floors can add character and a sense of history to even a brand new home.

By Richard Embro-Pantalony | Published 09/11/2008 | PRIVATE LOGIN | Unrated

Welcome to my video blog

» Friends and Family Need Strength, Courage and Wisdom
By Staff Writer | Published 11/15/2007 | Alcoholism | Rating:

...But most important the help you receive must provide you with the wisdom to meet the coming challenges with the knowledge that you are not alone and that there are ways to bring both of your lives back to when things were good. When the bond of love was strong and you did not feel powerless.

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» How to Take care of Your own Custom Designer handbag
By love bag | Published 05/18/2011 | HOBBIES | Unrated
Beautiful purses have been receptive of stuff that require them to become utilized in various themes. Not only does dealing with your stylish clutches illustrates how well someone is doing but also the individual's lifestyle. In such cases, it's fundamental to care for the purse as best as you can.

You can do this by keeping handbags looking alluring. Safeguarding the purse in custom plastic bags for cleanliness while you include cleaning the inside really well. Slowly using your brush lightly in order that it will not destroy your nylon material or whatever the material used for the case.

Generally, the interior is the most vulnerable compared to external given it is soft and lush. Crumbs and also forgotten chocolate bars is will make a mess of the inside, which can be cleaned by a rag and laundered using water. Taking good care of a bag's exterior is also significant. The purse really can be safeguarded by not using it when traveling or for day to day use or just simply any place since it may get abrasions or traces of grime as a consequence of uncertain surroundings.

A good method to keep the hand bag in good shape is by using bag hooks, which might be easily accessible in most stores. This will give protection to any purse in a manner so it doesn't allow the case to touch the ground and may also keep the hand bag from being stolen if shared. It is easy to see this hook because they're custom made to the user's preferences. 

You should look after the totebags always and take care of them for doing their job under any circumstance. In such a case, it truly is preferable to primarily place the items you have to have in your handbags. But if your genuine created handbag seems to be boring and tedious, it doesn't necessarily mean you should obtain a new one. You may clean this one slightly making it appear refreshed and clean.

Keep your stylish handbags away from water. If it still become wet, basically use a towel to soak up the excess water. Cleaning it off could possibly repurpose the abrasions from the external surfaces, but iot could also make it appear out of date and low-priced. Storing trendy purse carriers inside dry and safe areas is really important throughout the normal course of everyday life.

In order to maintain and keep a custom handbags top appearance will without a doubt make it look sharp and crisp. You could likewise use bubble gift wrap so that you can help to maintain its rigidity. You may also aim to wrap them along with silk cotton pillow so it will not absorb the smells that surround it. Every one of these may be done to protect your fashionable custom hand bags. The good thing is you now have an opportunity to make this process more convenient 。purse barbs <a href="" rel="dofollow">cheap designer handbags</a> and flip-style purse hook varieties on the go.
» Four Crucial Steps for Earning Money from Blogging
By Steve Cheng | Published 02/21/2011 | INTERNET MARKETING | Unrated
These days, there are plenty of options when it comes to making money online. There are already a lot of individual earning a living on the World Wide Web. Many of them apply several techniques and the money they have earned is more than sufficient for their family expenses.
» The Origin Of Artificial Grass Do You Know It?
By Steve Cheng | Published 08/9/2010 | RECREATION | Unrated
Nowadays, we can see that there are plenty of places in the world using the artificial grass. Many people, including athletes and children, are benefited from the invention of this kind of grass. In fact, you can see that many people have used this kind of grass before, and you have used it probably when you were young or even now. However, do you actually know the origin of this kind of grass? If not, you can try to take a look at this article and learn the origin of the artificial grass.
» 1.000.000$ With Google In 6 Months
By magnis vax | Published 11/10/2007 | MONEY! | Rating:
Learn how you can make great money with the internet's number 1, know Google Adwords and Google Adsense programs...
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